Eden Sustainability Declaration



We acknowledge that:

>   Scientific evidence shows that global finite resource depletion and climate change are occurring, and the current systems of economic activity are unsustainable.

>   Global resource depletion and climate change will likely have far reaching effects on people and places, economies, societies, habitats and the environment.

>   Healthy fisheries and habitats where wild fish can thrive are integral parts of diverse ecosystems and a more sustainable planet.

We welcome: 

>   The social, economic and environmental benefits which come from more sustainable business activities, help to combat resource depletion and climate change, minimise waste and enhance habitats.

>   Evidence-based research and development to identify ways in which the leisure fishing sector can develop more environmentally sustainably.

We commit our organisation from this date ___________________ to:

>  Publicly declare, via appropriate plans and strategies, our commitment to work towards achieving a reduction in the local, national and global environmental impact of our business activities, especially to:

  • Reduce greenhouse gases and other environmental releases;
  • Reduce non-renewable energy use (in both manufacture and transport);
  • Increase resource efficiency and material recycling, and minimise waste production;
  • Work with our supply/value chains to integrate green procurement;
  • Work with our clients and customers to reduce their own environmental footprint, and encourage them to make public their commitment to do so;
  • Promote angler stewardship towards protection and enhancement of fishing habitats and the wider environment, and support local economies, peoples and cultures; and
  • Monitor our progress against these commitments.

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The Eden Sustainability Declaration’s founder, Stuart McLanaghan has a lifelong passion for angling, conservation and healthy ecosystems where wild fish can thrive. Further details about Stuart can be found here.

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