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The presence of healthy fish in our rivers and lakes is one of the best indicators of a clean water environment. In recent years there have been encouraging habitat success stories, including after a long absence the recolonisation of the Rivers Thames and Tyne (England) by wild Atlantic salmon. The release of both parent and young adult carp into the Yangtze River, China, is helping restore balance in its freshwater ecosystem.

From a cottage industry in the 17th Century, leisure fishing tackle has developed into a major industry: globally, the associated market was expected to exceed $20.3bn by 2015, with growth projected to be spearheaded by emerging markets in Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

Environmental sustainability

The production of fishing tackle consumes finite resources and carbon-based energy. Security of supply for increasingly scarce raw resources is key to medium- and long-term business viability and profitability. Integrating environmental sustainability into all aspects of the global leisure fishing tackle sector therefore increasingly makes good business sense, and also has the potential to unlock wider social and economic benefits.

Analysis has concluded that for some consumer products, manufacture in the U.S. is now becoming just as economical as in China. If such trends become more widespread, then other countries (particularly in Europe and the U.S.) could see some manufacturing return home, as labour/material costs and environmental regulation equalise.

Eden Sustainability Declaration

In 2013/14, as part of a life-long passion for angling and wild Atlantic salmon conservation, Eden Sustainability Declaration’s founder, Stuart McLanaghan undertook a sabbatical as a fishing guide on the Bywell Beat of the River Tyne, England. During this time he developed a set of guiding principles – the Eden Sustainability Declaration. These identify the broad steps necessary to set the global leisure fishing tackle sector onto a more environmentally sustainable footing.

Manufacturers (as well as retailers, tour operators, sporting estates and other sponsoring third parties) are encouraged to become signatories to the voluntary declaration and pledge from the outset to embrace its guiding principles. A list of all signatories are published on this website under Signatories and regularly updated.

We believe that by getting proactively involved today, the leisure tackle sector can help shape the type of industry it would like to see, rather than waiting and potentially having more reactive change imposed tomorrow.



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The Eden Sustainability Declaration’s founder, Stuart McLanaghan has a lifelong passion for angling, conservation and healthy ecosystems where wild fish can thrive. Further details about Stuart can be found here.

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